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Online Anger Management System

This Course Includes

  • Detailed instructions
  • Easy to use online program suitable for persons who have already completed our 10-hour Level 1 program for consumers. Program written by Dr Tony Fiore, a psychologist and recognized national expert in anger management training.
  • Course divided into twenty chapters. In each chapter, we review core concepts of that chapter, and how to teach the material to adults, teens and children. You will also learn how to teach your students how to deal with angry people using the chapter core concepts.
  • Downloadable Proof of Enrollment
  • Downloadable certificate as "Certified Anger Management Educator". Hard copy of certificate of Completion also mailed to you. Certificate is valid for two years, then renewable with brief online update training.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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Why Take This Course?

  • Self-paced program from convenience of your home, office—or any online computer
  • Ideal for anyone who to teaches, coaches or instructs young people or the community
  • Online program gives you increased privacy and comfort
  • Achieve certificate for 20 hours (with your Level 1 Training) as a Certified Anger Management Educator
  • Program includes much support material, making it easy for you to teach material to your students or community in a structured, organized, user-friendly manner
  • Very affordable price.

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Support and Teaching Material

  • Download free teaching materials from our website. This includes a Quick Reference Guide (Instructor's Manual) for Anger Management Educators
  • Download a user-friender Student Ebook which you can print out at no cost for your students to easily learn the 18 lessons of anger management.
  • Download eight wall posters to teach the eight tools of angr control. Posters available for children, adolescents, and adults
  • Download free reports on how to deal with angry people and other anger-related topics

Register for our martial arts anger management program

How the course works ››

First, Click Here to Register.Once you register, you will receive access to our exclusive Member's area. You can access the course 24 hours a day from any web browser. The course will walk you through the comprehensive anger management program.

The program is completely self-paced; you don't have to take it all at once. You can logout and return at any time to continue your course—whatever suits your schedule.

Once you complete the course, we will send you your certificate of completion at no charge.

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About our program

What does a certified Anger Management Educator do?

An Anger Management educator teaches principals of anger management to community or professional groups. This might include martial arts programs, parenting classes, outreach programs, summer camp programs for children and adolescents, mental hygiene programs in schools, after school programs, marriage enrichment programs, gang prevention outreach programs, senior citizens programs, driver education programs, driver-court programs, training camps, workplace continuing education programs etc.

An Anger Management Educator is focused on prevention and early intervention with high-risk individuals — and is prepared to teach persons in a non-clinical setting how to deal with their angry feelings, as well as the anger and aggression shown by others toward them. By learning and applying the eight tools of anger control, students can, in turn, educate (by example) others around them.

This is a brand new concept and the only such certification on the planet. It is a trail-blazing concept wide in scope with the broader mission of promoting peace and harmony among people as an alternative to conflict, aggression, hatred, and fighting.

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Why should marital arts instructors become certified anger management educators?

Martial arts instructors teach their students techniques, methods, and/or attitudes of self-defense –with the intent of helping them stay out of harm's way. Traditionally, a good deal of self-defense training has resided in the realm of hand-to-hand combat; however, in today's world, very few people will ever have to protect themselves from physical attack. Anger, both personal –and from others –is something that everyone has to face and the negative consequences of unrestrained and/or repressed anger can be equal to or greater than any physical assault. Martial arts instructors must teach anger management alongside the physical techniques of their art, to arm their students with the mental, emotional, and physical skills they need to safely navigate the world as it is today.

Anger management is a core ingredient to a meaningful and authentic self-defense program, but until now, there hasn't been a program to teach martial arts instructors how to weave the education into their curriculum. Now, the essentials of anger management can be learned, easily, and then taught alongside the basic techniques of physical self-defense.

The martial arts teacher who has completed our training is in a position to teach preventative anger management. This is real self-defense; recognizing a potentially dangerous situation and doing something about it before a problem occurs.

From a business point of view, it makes sense for the martial arts instructor to be the hub of anger management education in their community. Anger management instruction will be seen as a value-added benefit by community members. Part of our training Marital Arts owners will be encouraged to network with other professionals in their community which should promote cross-referrals as well as improved client care.

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Why should other teachers become certified anger management educators?

Because teachers at all levels of our educational system are in a great position to really make a difference in terms of teaching children and adults alike how to better manage their feelings and handle stress. The skills learned in this program will benefit children all their lives and help them become more effective and successful human beings. Being certified will give teachers a structured and well-received program that they can use in any instructional setting with children from ages 8-18 from diverse cultural backgrounds.

What background is required to become a certified Anger Management Educator:

An anger management educator does not have to have a professional background, but many will. The main requirement is to be employed in a professional work setting in which you have responsibility for teaching and educating.

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